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About Us

Yhao, not only a professional knitting projects manufacturer but also a famous sock brand founded in China in 2004. Yhao symbolizes luck,  “Meet Yhao, Meet Your Happiness” is Yhao’s beautiful blessing to everyone.

Having 13+ years of experience serving knitting importers and brands, our knitting products factory is specialized in manufacturing printed men and women socks, kids socks, sports socks, yoga socks, diabetic socks, touchscreen gloves, warm winter gloves, work and safety gloves, knit scarf & beanie hats and etc.

The keyword of our knit product is “quality”, and only the products that pass the most stringent tests are worthy of the name Yhao.  A project born in a temple, and now has become the temple of quality! 

Our Service:

  1. Providing bulk Yhao brand knitted products in stock wholesale for clients around the world.  (MOQ: 20 pcs)
  2. Offering OEM custom design private label knitted sock/glove/scarf/beanie manufacturing service for brands, companies, organizations, sock wholesalers, and more.  (MOQ: 1000 pcs per design per size)
    The steps of custom order: ① Sampling   ② Production   ③ Private Labelling   ④ Shipping

Some of our special knit products are listed below:

Why Choose Us

Meet Yhao, Meet Your Happiness!

factoryimg01Advanced Production Equipment

Yhao, as one of the professional sock manufacturers, has the best production chain, with machines always new and designed to create only the best possible products. A mistake is not excusable in our production and we are committed to delivering only the best.

Strict Quality Control System And Perfect After-sales Service

Yhao supplier has rigorous quality controls to ensure that each product complies with our standards. Our after-sales service deals with every possible problem. We will not sleep without solving all your questions as fast as possible. An unsatisfied customer is a shame for us maker and dishonor for the brand.


Excellent Ability Of Independent Research And Development

Yhao private label knitwear manufacturer develops new production techniques and only use the best materials. Our laboratories are continually looking for new solutions to create excellent, cheap, and durable products. In the commonly used cotton and nylon, we continue to achieve innovative applications of some new fibers and blending applications. The company has a touchscreen, Bluetooth, anti-cutting and other aspects of more than ten kinds of new product patent certificate. Our products are the best on the market.

Mature brand

Our “Yhao” is appreciated on all e-commerce worldwide, such as Alibaba and Amazon. We have built a serious and reliable reputation, synonymous with quality. You know that Yhao means high quality.

Try our products, and you will understand that everything you read is the truth. Our heart beats for our customers.

Yhao is a good custom sock manufacturers, it lets me fully customize my socks in just a few easy steps. Next, I want to wholesale bulk socks, hope it won’t let me down!

Jenny, New Zealand

Working with Yhao custom sock maker has been an excellent experience, I highly recommend Peter, he is very enthusiastic and patient!

Cleveland, England
socks wholesale

Yhao brand socks are so special that I have ordered many times! I sell them well in my store, many yoga lovers are satisfied with the non-slip yoga socks which can keep them stable no matter what activity they are performing.

Louise, Russia

There is no doubt that Yhao is an expert in knitting products! Besides wholesaling  Yhao socks, I also have placed many orders for custom socks from Yhao. The high quality is visible!

Henry, America

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