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Yhao’s Company

The Yhao knitting brand is founded by Shaoxing Hongfa Knitting Co., Ltd.

This company is specialized in manufacturing knitting projects and has been a trusted supplier for companies, brands, importers, wholesalers, etc.

Yhao is the synonym of the Shaoxing Hongfa Knitting Co., Ltd. You are not buying simple knitting projects, you are entering a new lifestyle, comfortable and stylish at the same time. The featured products of Yhao brand include Yhao yoga socks, Yhao sports socks, Yhao beanie hats and Yhao knit touchscreen gloves.

What’s more, not only determined to promote the Yhao brand, Shaoxing Hongfa Knitting Co., Ltd. also provides OEM private label custom socks/ gloves /beanies/ scarves manufacturing service for clients from all over the world. It has 13+ years of experience on Alibaba and has been recognized as the best Chinese entrepreneur. The products are mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Britain, South Korea, Canada, Southeast Asia and Euro-American countries, and has succeeded in establishing long-term stable relationships with many brands like Coca-Cola, WAL-MART, Kmart, Amazon. 

The main past custom work include yoga socks/ sports socks/ women socks/ men socks/ kids baby socks/ diabetic socks/ touch-screen gloves/ cut resistant protective gloves/ winter gloves/ magic gloves/ work safety gloves/ five toe socks/ Bluetooth gloves/ beanie hats, etc.

The easy steps of custom order: ① Sampling   ② Production   ③ Private Labelling   ④ Shipping ( Click here to know how to get your personalized design socks manufactured.)

The mission of Yhao:Let everyone enter a new lifestyle and meet true happiness.

The Dream of Shaoxing Hongfa Knitting Co., Ltd.: To be the leader in the textile industry.


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