Become a Socks Agent for Yhao Socks Brand!

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Do you want to make a good fortune by becoming an agent for a reputable socks brand? If you do, then you are in the right place. We are here to offer you a great chance. We understand that it can be tricky to start a career in this industry. But if you want to sell the best socks, why not become an agent for Yhao Socks?

Custom Sock Design Template – Free Download

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People love the appeal of custom made products. OEM stocking template designs are excellent options for people, but the problem is that sometimes socks template designs get messed up in translation when the manufacturers get the designs. This is because designs by clients are not always the easiest to understand. Fortunately, there are solutions to help you create designs that manufacturers can read, so you get the socks that you want.

Socks Packaging Guideline

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What socks packaging should I choose? This question is usually asked by our clients. Some clients have their own custom socks package, so manufacturers just need to produce the socks and put them into a simple plastic bag. However, some clients need the manufacturers to pack the socks for them as their requirements.  So, according to the requirements of our clients, we set four types of packages.

Minimum Order Quantity for Our Products

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Minimum order quantity (MOQ) has always been cared about by our clients. No matter wholesale or custom products, we all have a minimum order quantity. Actually, the minimum order quantity of custom products are usually decided by the yarn. However, the MOQ of Yhao brand knitting products which are in stock is just 20 pcs.

Get Your Right Sock Size Guideline Here

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Yhao socks is a professional socks manufacturer with 13 years' producing experience. We write this article to let you know more about the sock size. Actually, as customers, they don't care more about the sock size, because they usually know the adult sock is one size fits all/most. However, as a socks supplier/seller, when you purchase wholesale socks or custom socks from a manufacturer, you must know it.

Bamboo Fiber: A Perfect Option for Your Clothing Items

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When it comes to textile industry scientists have been searching for different fibers. They have been looking for a fiber that will be high-quality and will provide the long-lasting durability. After years of research scientists came across the bamboo fiber and here we have everything you need to know about the product.

How to Start A Socks Business? (Complete Guideline in 2019)

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Starting a socks business is actually one of the best ways to earn good money. It may sound a bit strange since socks are inexpensive, but a socks business is offering great new ways to generate income, and it’s quite easy to put together. Remember, try to make your business unique, make it stand out of the crowd and don’t borrow designs from others. This article will tell you how to start your own socks business in detail.

Some Sock Material Types You Should Know

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You must be wearing socks in your day to day life. But did you ever think how the socks are being produced? Story behind the beautiful pair of socks that you own is much bigger than you think. It’s quite interesting to explore the hidden story behind socks as well. Let's start the story behind the beautiful pair of socks.

How to Choose the Best Way to Ship Socks from China?

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This article tells you how to choose the most suitable way to ship your socks from China. With Express delivery, you can get sock sample and check the sock quality to decide if you need a large quantity.  Express or Air freight usually suits a new businessman with a new order. Sea shipping are most suitable for a big order.

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