Wholesale Yoga Gloves in Stock Now!

These yoga gloves in stock are designed, sourced and produced with people’s yoga needs. They have been greatly popular with yoga clubs, yoga studios, yoga schools, and more.

Our Yoga gloves are made of a lightweight, breathable, organic fiber such as cotton or Lycra. The biggest function of them is to prevent people’s hands from slipping during yoga or Pilates practice. Perfect for sweaty hands, the grip pilates gloves’ non-slip palms promise superior grip on slick surfaces, which can help people to hold their pose and grip their yoga mats, floor or carpet firmly.

There are many styles of our grippy yoga gloves: Some gloves cover all fingers, some yoga gloves are fingerless, and some pilates gloves just cover the palms and leave the fingers.

The min order quantity is 20 pairs. You can wholesale these yoga gloves in stock in bulk to get a discount price. ,