//How to Find a Reliable Sock Manufacturer in China?

How to Find a Reliable Sock Manufacturer in China?

Globalization has enabled business connection between different countries to be so much closer than ever before. Presently, OEM, custom, bulk and wholesale productions are the normal practices from developed countries to developing countries as it is indeed lucrative. China, especially Southeast provinces such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang, have boosted its fame as the production base of socks-related knitting products. While the fact for overseas relevant business start-ups, searching a reliable socks manufacturer can never be an easy task. This post then would put its focus on assisting these potential clients to search and place an order in the end to a reliable socks manufacturer.

1. Why do you need to find a socks manufacturer?

Normally, the clients would cover both relevant business runners and private persons such as designers or some who do it to memorize some important anniversaries or birthday. But all of these based on the fact that the manufacturing process is normally separated from the selling process.

  • Retailing

The very first reason for relative industry runners to find a socks manufacturer is to do socks retailing, which takes a rather big proportion. The thing that shall be concerned is the fact some retailers normally start with a small order, which would far less than the MOQ (minimum of quantity) of producers. Plus the fact, the costs are also needed to be carefully treated in this regards in case it might fall into financial difficulties.

  • Brand Promotion

Brand promotion or relative promotion is now a new form of promotion. This could be proved by the fact that some free-sent gifts are generally printed with some advertisements or logos of some companies.

  • Educational Purposes

Educational purposed could also be fulfilled with such a mean. For example, schools or educational institutions or governments could order some socks with environmental protection words or positive education on it to warn the kids and citizens to behave or tall properly in daily lives.

  • Privatize or Customize Designs

Of course, individuals could also utilize this means to better serve their individual needs. For example, designers or a parent could do some designs to celebrate their wedding anniversaries or serve as birthday gifts for their family.

2. Knowing What You Want
  • Socks Design

The most important one is the sock design. It is to say, you ought to figure out what kind of design you need. Normally, clients would fully utilize their own thinking to design or download some similar designs from the internet.

  • Expenditure & Quantity & Unit Price

Expenditure is the restraint factor within an order, which would restrict them to decide the quantity and unit price. In all, everything should be worked close to it.

  • Time

Production time-frame should also be cared for based on your requirements. Different production period might occur based on the different scale of a factory. The inquiry of the production period is an indispensable process.

  • Color & Material & Size

As for specific specifications such as size, color, material, and quantity, all these are also needed to be carefully treated as any deviation of these might not work on the customers.

  • Price

Your market and competitive research should tell you what price you can charge for your socks. In that case, you should provide the highest quality possible for the price you put on each item. However, this is also determined by your budget – there will probably be sock manufacturers which you simply cannot afford.

As you search for a manufacturing partner, you might find one that meets all your requirements for design, material, and options, but the price might be too high. Still, don’t automatically eliminate high-priced sock manufacturers because many of them offer high-quality socks and lifetime warranties that might justify the price. And sometimes a little negotiation can go a long way.

3. Where to find sock manufacturers in China

So, first and foremost, how could a foreign retailer, as you are, find Chinese manufacturers? Normally, there are several major practices available to search for potential manufacturers.

a. Browsing Online E-Commerce Platform

The first one is to browse the sellers on the e-commerce platform, such as Alibaba and AliExpress. A click of these websites would express you with a lot of online retailing stores. Instant online chat would enable you to find more information of them, e.g. MOQ, quotation, paying, credit etc.

Some of the merits:

  • Easy access: search and filter based on your requirements.
  • Fast search: quickly find suppliers’ product offerings and contact information
  • Trustworthy: the manufacturers on these E-Commerce platforms are generally inspected and their credit is supervised.

b. Searching on Google

The second choice is to search for some welcomed factories or self-running websites on Google. Generally, these companies would run their own websites as it does bring some practical and exclusive benefits. Specifically, it would be elaborated as below.

  • Choose the right search phrases

The very key part to execute this searching is to input the right keywords on the search bar. Keywords could be varies based on your individualized needs. This could be as followed: sock manufacturer, custom sock manufacturer, wholesale socks manufacturer, Chinese sock manufacturer, and private label socks. Do remember, what the keywords you have inputted would have a direct influence on the searching results. So, be serious about the keywords.

  • Preliminary Inspect the Results

With the keywords in position, some of the equivalent websites and companies would be shown. This step is gonna assist you to choose a comparatively more eligible one. Say your keywords is Socks Manufacturers, the searching results would be as below:

  • Check the Ranking

The ranking of the results should be carefully treated as generally the higher the ranking, the more reliable the company could be. As for the reason, the ranking is determined by the frequency of visit and search. Of course, some self-running websites could also appear for your choice. These websites normally have their own online Q&A. You may consult any questions as long the topic related.

  • Check Past Business Partners and Certificates

Also, it is convenient for you to see their past business partners and certificates etc. From their official websites. All of these are going to delete your doubts and uncertainties.

c. Participation of Commodity Fairs

Trade fair is another option that enables you to have close contact with all kinds of manufacturers home and abroad. Normally, there are all sorts of international trade fair held every year. This is especially frequently held in China as China is the world factory for industry products. Advantages of Participation of Commodity Fair covers:

  • Trustworthy: person to person communication of the detail and check of the products;
  • Convenient: instant Q & A ;
  • Informative: comprehensively and instantly to master industry news and trends.

 d. Field Visits to Factories and Markets

Field visits to the factories is another way that enables our clients to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the whole process of how a sock is produced, packaged and delivered. Specifically, the merits would cover the following three aspects:

  • Personal inspection of the techniques, machine, and staff, this is going to deliver a direct and right judgment of a factory;
  • Your presence enables you to talk about the details such as quotation, MOQ, and materials;
  • Check the companies’ past cooperation experiences, certificates, and products.

The only demerits are then the time and costs spent on the trip, which could be costly and hence not workable.

e. Outsourcing to a sourcing agency

Outsourcing could be the easiest way to get your order manufactured as what you only need to do is to handle your requirements and designs to a third party. They would later follow the whole process (searching manufacturers, placing orders and follow orders) on behalf of you. The only demerit is that the costs could be much higher than handling yourself.

(Manufacturer on E-Commerce Platform VS Manufacturers Running Their Own Website

With the operation of the above two practices, you could search a dozen manufacturers either on e-commerce platforms or running their own websites. There are even some of them that you found in field visits. But as said before, field visits are costly both in time and expenditure, which are then not workable for most of the clients. Then, this part would put the merits and demerits of manufacturers on E-Commerce and those who run their own websites under the spotlights.

Merits and Demerits of E-Commerce Platform Manufacturers

As for e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Aliexpress, it is easy for you to search a bunch of socks manufacturers as local manufacturers normally take both online and offline business operation.

The first very advantage then, arises exactly from it-enough choices, all you need to do is cherry-picking.

Secondly, the transaction on it could be safe enough. Thirdly, all the business operate on it are under standard operation.

However, the other edge of the sword (demerits) also shines in the face of reality. Specifically, there are some aspects that you need to be aware of:

  • Comparatively cheaper costs to run a store on it would enable all kinds of brands and factories to start their stores on it, quality in this way cannot be guaranteed.
  • Socks manufacturers that are delivered to you could not be the best players in that field as the ranking on the e-commerce platform could be influenced by several factors, such as the searching frequency of the customer.
  • Ranking on e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Tmall could also be contributed by the surging transactions within a short period of time that normally is fulfilled with the assistance of paid buyers.
  • Plus, the manufacturers happen to appear on your list after keywords searching could not be the best choice for you. They appear just because the keywords you were inputting equivalent to the keywords of the manufacturers. It would be much better to have instant information (e.g. newest design and discounts) about the market. In this way, the so-called prices advantage then does not mean a lot.
  • E-commerce platform is usually criticized with bad performance in honesty. This is because of the flooding of the counterfeit and inferior commodities, which has been proved by the Chinese regulators as well as US counterparts. Alibaba’s US portals, Alibaba.com and AliExpress, have received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau due to its failure to respond to a whopping 79 complaints lodged against it.

Based on the above demerits, the E-Commerce giant Alibaba is now facing pressures from both domestic and abroad authorities as showed below.

Merits and Demerits of Manufacturers who Run Their websites

When it comes to manufacturers with their own self- run website, most of its merits just arise from the demerits of manufacturers on the e-commerce platform. This is to say:

  • brands with their own websites are generally well-known brands and their products, fame and after-sale services are well-accepted among customers. Cooperation with them could then be more trustworthy.
  • Operating their own website would enable them to better understand the daily searching information of the clients. This is going to assist the company to better grasp the customers’ needs and concerns. Hence, relative changes and maintenance could be arranged timely and targeted.
  • The ranking of the website on Google would be comparatively more reliable. So, if you accidentally find some websites top-ranked in your searching results. You may trust it.

Of course, these self- run websites also enjoy their own demerits.

The very first one is its low occurrence within a searching. Normally, a website would only come out only if your searching keywords cover some of the keywords of the website. For example, if you want to search some yoga socks manufacturers, you may click some keywords such as yoga socks manufacturer, custom yoga socks or even wholesale yoga socks.

Also, in terms of quotation, these websites would normally start with a higher one as they are normally a brand for decades.You could then make your decisions based on your budget and targeted customers.)

4. How to Filtering Out The Best sock Manufacturer

After several workable choices are delivered to your table, then, what is the next step? This is to say, how to judge if a factory or a brand is trustworthy. This would then required the check of some detailed elements an eligible company would enjoy. This would cover:

Check the Company’s Background

Checking of the company’s background is necessary before an order. Relative key factors include as below:

  • Exhibition it has taken part in

There are so many kinds of regional and international trade fair held every year in China. The presence to these commodity fair could be a good factory to judge if a brand is welcomed or not.

  • Clients that it has served

Checking of the clients that a company has served is another way to see if a brand and its credit are accepted or not. Normally, big brands would be careful to select their partner, especially those who perform well in their quality and credit.

  • Quality Certificate & Patent ( ISO 9001 Certification)

Quality inspection certificate and patent are something core to a brand. With these in hand, the company then could be labeled as strong and reliable as there is enough reason to trust their products would be good in quality and fame.

  • Past Successful Cases

Look into the past successful cooperation case would then directly deliver a clear message if it is truly welcomed and trusted in the market.

Check the Details of Production

  • Quotation

After the check of the company background, it is then needed to have a look at the specific production details of an order, which is the thing that should truly be concerned. The quotation is the number one factor as it would fundamentally decide if the deal could be made or not.

  • MOQ

Minimum of quantity (MOQ) requirement in a deal is then another one that should be cared about as the offer of a company is normally unmatched to your preliminary plan. In this way, what you may do is a concession or searching for another company.

  • Available Color

Sometimes, the clients’ color requirements may not be accepted by the factory. in this way, a client as you are should be really careful and patient enough to check these details once placing an order. Normally, the color specified in Pantone card would be accepted by most of the factories.

  • Workable Design

As for designs from the clients, it also needs special and careful treatment. It is to say your novel and fancy designs could not be workable in a factory. Hence, instant and frequent communication between your design team and the factories is needed just in case your complicated designs ends in unworkable results.

  • Sample Arrangement & Charging

The policy in the sample is the final thing that a client should be concerned. This would include how long it would take to have a sample produced, would the sample for free or not and how much the freight cost.

  • Production Period

Last but not least, the full production period should meet your business needs.

5. Managing Sample Production

When the order finally comes to the sample production, there are some steps that also should be watched.

  • Packaging

The ways how the socks are Packaged do matter as it need to cater the needs and favor of the targeted customers. That is to say, different targeted customer group would require different packaging. Of course, different packaging would also involve different costs, which would be connected to your whole expenditure.

  • Shipping

How it is transported as the last step, should not be ignored. The reason behind this would involve a few critical matters. The first one is the costs. Normally, faster and more secured shipping would cost more compared with those go slowly and less secured ways. Plus, different transportation would cost different time.

  • Last modifications of the details

With the samples in hands, it is then vital needed to check if the sample comes to your expectation. If not, you may do some final modifications before it is too late. 


If you have any questions or interests related to socks or gloves business, please do feel free to send an email to us (Email: jack@yhaosocks.com). Professional and timely updates would be in place to meet your needs. May you have a good day and prosper in your business!

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