//How to Check Price and Make an Order to Our Product?

How to Check Price and Make an Order to Our Product?

With a few reading on our website, you might be surprised to find out that there is no price listed after each product, which normally intrigues a lot of question among our clients. In this way, based on consultations of our clients, we are going to give our detailed explanations as below.

  •  Price Fluctuations

Generally, the products that we posted on our website are all that once saw mass production. It is to say they are usually favored by our customers before. At the same time, there are basically none in stock right now. In this way, their prices change over time as the needs of them are also in change. Also, the price of the materials is the driving force for the change of these products. It is to say there would see some changes in the price of both materials and labor forces every year as the economic and diplomatic situation are all in change. On another hand, even in a same year, the price of January differs from the price in December as prices normally go up when the Chinese New Year is approaching. This also happens when some special festivals coming in near. In addition, the rate between RMB and US dollar is also in change. A price then has to change with the rate. In this way, a stable price is hard to maintain. We hence, normally offer a quotation to our clients that with a period of validity of 40 days at most.

  •  Multi-layer pricing

By the way, the price of a design differs among different quantity groups. Generally, the bigger the order is, the lower the price is. It is to say, the price of 1,000 pieces is cheaper than 2,000 and 3,000. At the same time, the price for quantity less than 1,000 could be much higher than quantity over 1,000, which might be one time higher as the all materials suppliers behind normally take such a multi-layer pricing mechanism. Quantity less than 1,000 would normally see a quite annoying and unreasonable price to maintain the red line of profits.

Except for the unreasonable demand from the materials suppliers, there are some reasons behind that drive us to maintain such a pricing mechanism. For example, the dyeing process would normally see 20% of the dyeing materials of each color wasted as the quantity are too small to use all the modulated dyestuffs. At the same time, they cannot be stored so as for the next usage. The fact is some socks might include several colors. This number could be higher if the quantity is too small. It is a great loss thereafter. However, a large quantity would enable the whole dyeing materials to be used completely.

  • How to check the price

After the explanation above, you might be curious about where can you get the price, that is the focus in this part. Generally, we take a timely inquiry model. It is to say, a price can only be given in a specific order as it changes over time. Plus, a price can only maintain its validity within 40 days as the rate between RMB and US dollars are changing on a daily basis. To survive in such a situation, we need to adjust the price on a monthly basis. In this way, orders that don’t finish within that a month would possibly see the quotation changes. This could be higher or lower. It is a normal practice happens daily in this market. Anyway, we would generally notice our clients about the changes from time to time.

  • How to make an order?

Making an order of Yhao socks is quite easy as we now operate on Alibaba, AliExpress, and Amazon. A click of Yhao socks or Yhao gloves would lead you to our dazzling website. Or you can just contact us on Google official website. We now have professional staffs in charge of any inquiry and orders on that. Hence, please do not hesitate to leave a message or email us with email (Jack@yhaosocks.com) if you happen to be encountered with any questions related to socks or gloves production and business. Our professional foreign trade staffs would reply with targeted reply ASAP.

Anyway, a big order is suggested to ensure both your and our interests when producing costs are considered. So, please think twice before an order is made.

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