//How to Get Your Custom Socks Manufactured?

How to Get Your Custom Socks Manufactured?

As a labor-intensive industry, socks production normally outsourced from developed countries to developing countries because outsourcing could enable companies of developed countries to reduce costs and improve quality etc. Also, it could enable socks manufacturers of developing countries to fully utilize their advantages in human resources. However, the communications between the two sides can never be easy. In fact, any details should be carefully handled as any deviation of the products would result in great business loss. So “how to get your orders smoothly and efficiently manufactured”?

Usually, frequent emails and online video are the main channels for communication. However, some issues that arise from both sides would hinder the transaction. They are listed below:

Barriers to Effective Communication
  • You still have little knowledge about how the socks are made in a factory
  • The yarn dying may not suit the need as it is outsourced to other professional socks factory
  • The machine of socks factory assigned for the production may not be enough in peak season
  • The socks manufacturer is not clear about your custom embroidery, private woven label, and printing
  • You don’t know how to decide your sock material and quantity
  • You’re unclear of the delivery, freight, and payment

Now, Yhao socks manufacturer will tell you how to get socks manufactured in an efficient way. After the reading, you will know what you should prepare for a fluent communication and a Win-win cooperation.

  1. Deliver your Pantone to socks manufacturers

You probably think there is no need for this step. On the contrary, this is an indispensable part of the transaction. The uncertainty of color in production part can trigger anxiety and wast time as samples are delivered back and forth from socks manufacturers to the clients. With pantone in hand, workers can easily match and decide what color it is and production goes smoothly.

  1. Settle down the sock design

Socks design is the first step for a transaction. The clients should be very clear about the products that they want as it involves the post-selling. A special design can be settled down based on a special festival (e.g. Christmas socks) or some professional uses (e.g. Yoga socks). Once the design is settled down, the designers should create a real pattern and send it to the custom socks manufacturers, which would speed up the production as it directly demonstrates the design of it.

  1. Tag design (package design)

Tag design is normally decided by the clients as a tag is usually reflects a special brand or a foreign culture. Therefore, a tag design should be made beforehand and sent to the factory along with the design of socks. Usually, a tag would involve information like price, code, name, composition, etc.).

  1. Size reference

The size of socks is also critical information for its production in the factory. Normally, the size of the order is decided by the preference of the customers. By the way, different countries also differ in the preference of the size. The socks factory needs the exact information of it so as to:

  • Program the socks knitting machine;
  • Decide the weight of the socks and decide the yarn cost & usage afterward.
  1. Decide the sock materials

Materials such as cotton, acrylic, and spandex are normally selected as its better performances in perspiration absorption and comfort. The requirement of 100% cotton cannot be guaranteed by all factory as some other materials (e.g acrylic) are needed to make the socks elastic. In fact, 95% cotton is the normal practice with the rest 5% spandex or acrylic.

  1. Decide quantity

The factor of quantity should be carefully considered by the clients as involves different prices. Generally, the larger your quantity, the lower the prices. Of course, there is always a minimum number for the order, otherwise, there is no profit in the end. Also, the freight should be considered at the same time. The quantity will directly decide the freight. A small quantity will see it is delivered by air, while a larger number is normally through the sea, which is slower.

  1. Cost of sample

Normally, the delivery of the sample to the clients are needed. By doing that, it will enable our clients to check if there is something wrong before the custom production. Usually, the cost of the sample will include the cost of production of the sample and the freight of it. Normally, a sample of custom socks would cost 100 dollars as it involves the whole production process.

  1. Payment

As for the payment, it is either paid on the online platform or by PayPal. For large quantity orders of custom socks (above 1000 pairs), it normally requires 30% down payment and the rest 70% should be paid before the delivery. While for quantity below 1000, it requires full payment in advance. The payment would cover both the production cost and the freight as well (both domestic and foreign).

  1. Transportation

The final step is transportation, which is generally decided by the quantity of the order. For order larger than 1,000, it would normally by the sea. While for the number below 1,000, it usually on express delivery. Of course, air transportation is allowed with the special demands of the clients. The costs of the transportation are all included in the payment, which includes the domestic deliver from socks factory to a nearby warehouse and overseas delivery from warehouse to foreign land.

Right now, I am confident you must be clear about the whole details that you should follow closely to if you want to make the deal go smoothly and efficiently from socks manufacturers. We will talk about our custom logo socks in later posts.

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