//How Are Socks Made In A Factory?

How Are Socks Made In A Factory?

A lot of us wear socks or have worn socks in our lifetime. Sometimes, we may wonder how are socks made.

In general, the socks making process can be summarized as 8 main steps. Now, let’s learn how to get socks manufactured in a socks factory.


Once the raw materials for the socks have been sourced, washed, then spun to form yarn, before being coloured, the yarn is made to form great spools. There is a myriad of needles that come together to knit the multiple threads until it forms a number of interlocking loops.
The loops formed are then used in making the socks. To make it comfortable, and easily fit, every garment size and part gets made using various stitching machines that work with varying diameter needles.
Knitting machines that are computerized are known to be extremely fast while creating a myriad of socks.

Phase 2: SEWING

The various parts are then together, resembling the finished tubes. A great benefit is that once the garments are finished, they are known to have a lot of seams that ensure the wearer is more comfortable. It also has the advantages of removing any excessive running caused by bulky seams.
Once the inspection is done, the pieces are then moved inside out, and the seaming and do linking procedures are done. Depending on the socks, auto-linking, seamless linking and hand-licking are done.


The socks are then washed, then dried to ensure they are shrunk and stabilized. Washing, here, is done solely water, while detergents are avoided.


After the washing and drying, the logo and brand mark of the company are easily stitched to the socks making use of automated embroidery machines, as well as a computer software. Customization of the socks’ pattern or design is done here.


The shape of the socks occur in this phase, as steam and heat are used in shaping the socks, while a metal foot stretch frame is used. When all these are used, the smooth appearance and proper shape needed occur.


Inspecting is usually done on the various stages of producing the socks in a professional socks factory, and it is also done after the boarding is done to allow only quality socks are only packaged. This process sieves out the contaminated socks.


Once the quality inspection is done, it is then packed based on the specifications of clients. Packaging the socks is done with the aim of creating perfection, as every aspect of it is examined. The packaging determines if it will attract the attention of clients and prospects. Many would say the packaging of a product is as important as the product.
You will have to think of the clips, hooks, header cards, cartons, poly bags and so on.

Phase 8: Shipping and Storage

After the packaging, the next step for a socks manufacturer is to ship socks to a warehouse, where they will be stored until they can be shipped down to clients and prospects.

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