//Things You Should Know About Yhao Marathon Gloves

Things You Should Know About Yhao Marathon Gloves


As a new member in gloves family, marathon gloves now are enjoying great popularity among sportsman. This trend has been frequently demonstrated in recent marathon in China.

This kind of glove firstly expresses its appearance in 2016 Wuxi International Marathon. With letters of “I Love Wuxi” in the left hand, the right echoes with “not lonely anymore” or “look, the plane” etc. some well known online hot words. St the same time, pink governs the game with other relative equipment such as wristbands on the left wrist.

Marathon Gloves

This is later showed in 2018 Xi’an International Marathon. Labeled with “I Love Xi’an”, this specially-designed blue marathon gloves for all runners vividly narrates the spirits of courage and perseverance. This marathon witnessed a great success as there are more than 30,000 runners from all over the world participated.

Marathon Gloves

Sponsored by China Athletics Association, zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government, the yearly held Shaoxing International Marathon also gives its interests on the marathon gloves. In this game, Yhao touch-screen marathon gloves took the spotlights in the end.

Why do marathon runners wear gloves?

There are several reasons behind that contribute to the wide recognition of the gloves. They are elaborated below:

  • Group Identification

Marathon GlovesAfter listing the above marathon events, we may notice that a special color is chosen for each event. It is reasonable to say that a single color alone have no magic at all. But, a unified color suit for all players within an event would express a strong signal to the public that the event is well-organized and trustful. This can be explained with an old Chinese saying: a single tree does not bring out a forest, but a dozen of them. Also, the runner in that color would be proud to be part of it and the color would magically empower them later.

  • Sweat-absorption

Marathon GlovesApart from the invisible function as group identification, a professional sports marathon glove is indispensable as it functions well in absorbing the sweat during the long hours running. Sweat falling down from your eye brown and forehead is the thing that we hate most in any sports as the sweat is salty and it would bring discomfort to your eyes and may stop you from moving on if it comes worse. In this situation, a pair of comfortable non-skid gloves can be like a savior to stop that though it cannot be compared to some tissue.

  • Touch-screen marathon gloves Marathon Gloves

Normally, the route of the marathon is carefully selected. That is to say the scenery is exquisite in general as it usually involves some cultural or natural tourism spots that you might not even able to have a look in daily work. In this way, a touch screen gloves seem critically necessary for you to take some photos and enjoy from it. Trust me, you would not want to repeatedly click on your screen with your bare sweat hands as it may not function so well at that time.

  • Keep your hands warmMarathon Gloves

A pair of cotton gloves is needed in cold season no matter in what occasions. Marathon is also a sport that requires all your hands are exposed in the air. In case of the weather might be rainy or snowy. We would recommend runners to take a pair of cotton marathon gloves, which can protect you from chilblain or frostbite etc. but do remember, the gloves should not be too tight or it might bring bump and discomfort.

  • Notice

If you desire to do marathon or jogging or do any sport at night, we would strong suggest you to wear a gloves and sport wears with reflective strip design, which can notice the riders and drivers. A simple design of the gloves could play an important role to safeguard your safety.

  • Protect your handsMarathon Gloves

After all, we are talking about a long march as the marathon is. So, it could be quite likely that we fell down or stumbling on the road. In this way, we would be grateful to have them on when we accidentally stumble on some hard floor in some cold days.

Please contact us if you have any questions related in marathon gloves manufacturing and selling. Or you might be able to make your order directly with us. Please feel free to contact us at Jack@yhaosocks.com or WhatsApp: +8618858583973.

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