//What Material Would Be Good For Making Socks?

What Material Would Be Good For Making Socks?

Currently, there are many materials used in making socks, especially the novelty socks. Learning about those commonly used materials for socks is important to a socks manufacturer before they make socks in their sock factories. For common people, knowing the best material for socks can help to choose the right socks based on their personalized needs. Some common sock fabric types are listed below.

  • Acrylic

The first on our list is the acrylic, and it is known to be a sturdy fiber that is both warm and soft. The properties of this man-made fabric allow it to match with bright hues than any natural fiber out there.

  • Angora

The Angora, here, is named after the Angora rabbit because it is the rabbit’s soft hair. This fiber is usually mixed with others and is known to be fluffy.

  • Bamboo fiber

This fiber comes from the bamboo, a plant that grows extremely fast. The bamboo is known to a lot breathable and softer than cotton. It may be mistaken for silk because of its natural sheen. Bamboo makes a great fabric or material for socks because it is sturdy, soft, microbial, as well as hypoallergenic. Bamboo socks are perfect for sweaty feet.

  • Cashmere

This fiber is named after the Cashmere goat, and like the Angora fiber, it comes from an animal. The cashmere goat is the source of the luxury fiber that is comfortable and soft. Many socks are made with the cashmere fiber.

  • CoolMax

This is another fabric used in making socks. It is a type of polyester that removes moisture from one’s skin.

  • Cotton

This is a fiber that is used in making many socks rocked around the world. It is one of the most popular fibers known to man and is known to be durable, lightweight, washable, absorbing moisture and breathable.

Its moisture absorbing feature makes it a loved fabric. The cotton used in making socks is usually mixed with nylon to aid the movement of the moisture from the foot.

Before you wash your cotton socks, it is important to note if it is preshrunk or not. If it is not, you should avoid using a hot dryer cycle or hot water.

To avoid the pair from shrinking, you can wash them in cold water, while hanging them on a line to dry. Cotton is seen around the world, though whether pests and drought are known to affect the production of the cotton.

  • DryMax

This fiber is a special form of the Olefin fabric. They are made by undergoing an anti-microbial treatment to ensure it is free of odor and moisture.

  • Elastane/Lycra/Spandex

The fibers listed above are all made from polyurethane, a synthetic fiber. Spandex has been used in place of rubber in a lot of cases.

Spandex is usually combined with other fibers to give the socks the necessary comfort, elasticity, as well as close fit, they need. It allows provides additional support.

  • Elastic

This is a special type of spandex, as it has its core, but is coated with nylon to ensure that the extreme stretch is reached.

  • Flax

This fiber is one that has been around for a lot of years, and it is known to be gotten from the stem’s skin. The fiber is great for socks because it is flexible, lustrous, and soft. It is known to have more strength than the cotton, though it is not as flexible as it.

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