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Ladies Yoga Dance Open Toes Socks

Several kinds of exercises including yoga are usually more demanding in nature. The reason for it is the accurate shape and outcome of the activity. For the yoga freaks, it could be a tough task to move around and do it correctly in the autumn or more of the colder seasons. And improper yoga season could yield no betterment, so for the very same reason, we offer open toes yoga dance socks for the enhanced movement, protection, and flexibility of the body.



  • Brаnd Nаmе: Yhао or customized
  • Mаtеrіаl: 85% Cоttоn + 15% Spandex
  • Cоlоr: Pink, Grey, Black, Skin color
  • Gеndеr: Wоmеn
  • Wеіght: 35g
  • Sіzе: Length: 18cm, Height: 18cm ( Single ѕіzе fіtѕ аll)
  • MOQ: Stock: 20 pairs; Custom made socks: 1000 pairs per design per size
  • Cаrtоn Sіzе: 48*50*50сm
  • Sроrtѕ Tуре: Yoga, Bаllеt, Dance, and еtс.
  • Supply Type: Wholesale of  Yhao brand or custom logo socks


For all the ladies who are into yoga dancing, the very open toes socks offer a firm grip, and from the bottom, the socks pair covers the whole origin of heal to toes for ensuring non-slippery movement. Yoga dances require a lot of diversified positioning for the feet and the yoga open toes socks are a complete solution for your every move. The socks set keeps your feet warm and partial toe isolated design enables the natural spreading and stepping of the feet. Similarly, the open design keeps your feet from any pressure and burden on the feet. The product is ideal to be used for various functions including not home, studio, travel, exercising or even work.


  • Breathable, comfortable and robust grip to ensure the anti-slippery functioning.
  • Perfect foot placement during rest of barefooted activities by the girls.
  • Composite, convenient & natural feet movement due to the toeless design of the socks.
  • Lightweight and free from any kind of pressure on the feet.
  • Perfect for multiple purposes and enables easy machine washing.


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