////Custom Men‘s Fashion Anti-Bacterial Socks

Custom Men‘s Fashion Anti-Bacterial Socks

If you are the one who has been exploring and pondering about a most fashionable, glorious and trendy pair of the socks, then look no further, our new Men‘s Fashion Anti-Bacterial Socks are something that is dedicatedly made for you. These socks have the ability to outnumber the rest of competitors because of their new and most charming appearance and fashion sense.




Our new men’s fashion anti-bacterial socks are the ones which have been long waited in the industry and created a lot of hype in the socks market. Also, they are one of those products, which remained on high selling charts for so many days. The reason for their so much demand is the unique colors, dotted tones and a variety of texture and boxes which is unprecedented in this model of the socks pair. The socks pair has the ability to become your status and fashion symbol and provide an extra bit of perfection to your personality, also, the uses of these socks are widespread as they are good to be used in several kinds of events.


  • Logo: Custom logo
  • Material: Cotton / Bamboo Fiber
  • Size: Custom made size
  • Weight: Custom Made
  • Gender: Men
  • Colour: Custom color
  • MOQ: 1000 pairs per design per size
  • Packaging: 1pr/small plastic bag
  • Sample lead time: 3~5 days
  • Production lead time: 30 days


  • Fashionable and trendy due to their marvelous color combination and the blend of dotted and boxed design.
  • Come with a variety of colors for a diversified choice of the people.
  • Antibacterial, anti-slip and offer utmost warmness and comfort to the feet.
  • Keep your feet dry and free from any irritation enabling you to move around with freedom.
  • The supreme quality material, excellent stitching and good to be washed with hands or the machine.


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