Yhao Full Toe Health Yoga Socks

For all the ladies out there, who are not fond of toeless or even fingerless design of the socks pair, our latest collection of yoga pilates fitness offers exceptional features for them. These soft and comfortable full toe health socks shape provide a complete comfortable set due to the many characteristics that come along with the product.



The pair of full toe health yoga socks is designed in such a way that the non-slippery grips hold nice and tightly on the bottom part of your feet which assists in a smooth and stable balance of the body when you are after yoga or Pilates practice. Similarly, the kind of materials used in the making makes it convenient to have great flexibility and a soft touch. The dryness of the feet is a vital aspect and considering the same in mind, we made the design of yoga socks rightly suitable for absorption of the sweat and hence enabling you to try even the most difficult moves with ease. In addition, the wearer does not have to be worried about fading of the colors or misshaping after the washing since the full toe health sock proves to be a long-lasting and durable one.


  • Brand Name: Yhao or customized
  • Material: 98% Cotton + 2% Spandex
  • Size: 20*10cm, one universal size
  • Weight: 35g
  • Gender: Women
  • Finger-Separated: Yes
  • Color: purple, yellow, red
  • Thісknеѕѕ: Stаndаrd
  • Carton Size: 50*60*40cm(about 500 pairs)
  • MOQ: Yhao brand socks: 20pairs; Custom socks: 1000 pairs per design per size
  • Supply Type: Wholesale of Yhao brand or custom made full toe health socks.


  • Strong holding and firmly holding design for comfortable stride and dance.
  • Comfortable, breathable, non-slipping and anti-skidding grips.
  • Comes in various colors for multiple choice of the customers.
  • Protection from fungus and harmful materials.
  • Offers perfect fit and convenient for not only yoga but also for Pilates, Bikram and ballet dance, etc.
  • Easily washable, water resistant and long lasting.


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