//Yhao Took Part in the 2018 China Commodity Fair Moscow

Yhao Took Part in the 2018 China Commodity Fair Moscow

From 2018.5.28 to 2018.6.03, the Yhao team launched a seven-day market visit tour in Moscow, the capital of Russia.

During the period we participated in the 2018 China Commodity Fair Moscow. The scale of the fair was quite large. There were 286 exhibitors from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai and Fujian provinces. The exhibits cover household appliances and consumer electronic products, household products and accessories, kitchen and ceramic products, gardening products and outdoor products, accessory accessories and gifts, baby products and so on. The fair selected high-quality enterprises in the industry and cost-effective products. It mainly promoted the image of Chinese consumer goods brands and selected the most popular Chinese consumer goods brands that are popular among Russian consumers. In this way, the traditional concept of “cheap” and “poor quality” of Chinese consumer products in the Russian market will be completely transformed.

Now please allow Susie represents the Yhao team on the following to share with readers the experience of this trip.

With large bags, we set foot on this journey. The purpose of this time is to expand our brand influence and study the Russian market.

Booth layout…

The sample we brought here covers all of Yhao’s products: touch-screen gloves, work gloves, scarves, hats, yoga socks, multi-functional socks…

Everything is ready for work and the official start of the next day!

The people of Russia are very cute. Let me share some of the impressive customers we met at the fair.

The gentleman in the picture is called Igor and he came to our booth in the suit on the first day of the exhibition. After studying the product for a moment, he directly gave me a business card. The rest didn‘t say anything but just told me that our products are very beautiful, he will come again the next day. Because I had contacted many customers at similar exhibitions before, I didn’t remember it.

I didn’t expect the next day Igor really took his beautiful and elegant wife to our booth again. He introduced our products directly to his wife and I heard them praise in the conversation. After our simple conversation, they decided to come to China to participate in our factory at the end of June. Look forward to seeing this kind couple again!

There is also this lovely customer… At this fair we had two booths in total. At the beginning, he walked into the socks area and asked for the price of our products and left the business cards.

About five minutes later, he walked to our glove area and asked for the price. I thought he knew we had talked to him before. I didn’t think he didn’t remember us at all. It seemed that we had changed our face. It seems that we are blind to foreigners’ faces and foreigners are also faced with Asian faces. Very cute!

The fair lasted for three days. The samples we brought this time have been hailed by the Russian “girls” and we know a little about what kind of products the Russian people prefer.

During busy time, we took time to visit Red Square and experience a unique Russian style.

We kept on pace and on the fourth day we were going to visit the local market of Lubrizno in Moscow.

Inside the security guards don’t allow take pictures. Then I put a photo of the market entrance for your reference.

The Lubriano Grand Market has a wide range of operations and covers all aspects of life and work. Most of the businesses operating in the market are Chinese businessmen. When walking here, the most likely to hear is “Doroga” (Russian means “Road”) that comes out of Bocai, meaning “giving way”. Merchants who come from all over the country, if they are not careful, are likely to bump into these Boccidents.

We spent a total of three days in this market. In the market, we exchanged ideas with wholesalers to publicize the Yhao brand. During the exchange, we learned about the current situation in the Russian market, product price trends, and a blueprint for our future plans.

We believe that through our efforts, our Yhao products will be spread all over the world!



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